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Humanity Cash is a platform for any community to design its own local currency, which are payment networks that encourage the recirculation of funds within the local economy.

We can reinvest community currency reserves into...

As a public benefit corporation, our mission is to build a more sustainable and human-scaled economy. Humanity Cash works in collaboration with participating local banks, local businesses, and local non-profit organizations to foster stronger community connections by facilitating and encouraging local production and patronage. We enable communities to create local stablecoins that strengthen their economy. More wealth can now stay in our communities. Don’t just buy local, pay local.

The movement for local economies and self-sufficiency is growing


Number of new businesses have declined by half since the 1980s


We've lost more than half of our community banks since 2000. Community banks are crucial to small business loans.


Local mom and pop shops are strained by high credit card fees especially as cash use has declined.

Let's put our money towards local businesses and community banks.

Humanity Cash is a platform for any community to design its own community currency, which are local payment networks that encourage recirculation of funds within a community.

With UBI Bonds. the same dollar helps a family in need, a small business in the neighborhood, a community bank that is reinvesting in undeserved people and small businesses, AND generated a return for investors.


in The Community

BerkShares are the local currency for the Berkshire region. Dubbed a “great economic e xperiment” by The New York Times, BerkShares (B$) are a tool for community empowerment, enabling area citizens to better shape our region’s economic future. By prioritizing local exchange and production, our local currency helps to build a thriving and sustainable Berkshire economy. By leveraging emerging blockchain technology, digital BerkShares will be able to service transactions at a lower cost than credit and debit card networks, and do so while keeping our region’s wealth working locally. Adopting BerkShares is one step toward a more resilient and sustainable local economy— good for people, business, community and the environment.


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