Community Currencies

Community Currencies

Our communities are leveraging blockchain to strengthen their local economies with programmable digital currencies and also are empowering smaller banks to act as guardians for their communities’ financial networks.

Introducing Community Stablecoins

Community Currencies
  • Designed to keep wealth local through patronage of local buinesses and community banks
  • Ties currency circulation to local productive activities and supply chains

Need to compete with digital payments and have a compelling experience

  • Cost-effective digital payment rails, replacing interchange networks like Visa and Mastercard
  • Customizable reserves that reflect community values

Cultural divide between existing stablecoins and Main Street users who are deeply skeptical of crypto

Humanity Cash is the bridge between crypto and Main Street
We are filling an emotional and policy gap that crypto isn't addressing


in The Community

BerkShares are the local currency for the Berkshire region. Dubbed a “great economic e xperiment” by The New York Times, BerkShares (B$) are a tool for community empowerment, enabling area citizens to better shape our region’s economic future. By prioritizing local exchange and production, our local currency helps to build a thriving and sustainable Berkshire economy. By leveraging emerging blockchain technology, digital BerkShares will be able to service transactions at a lower cost than credit and debit card networks, and do so while keeping our region’s wealth working locally. Adopting BerkShares is one step toward a more resilient and sustainable local economy— good for people, business, community and the environment.

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